Momentan trainieren wir Damen und Herren, immer

montags, 19:00 – 21.00Uhr bei uns, der  Freien Turnerschaft Würzburg e.V. (Mergentheimer Str. 13c) und

mittwochs, 19:00- 21.00Uhr Rasenplatz Uni Sportgelände am Hubland (Unterer Hublandweg, 97074 Würzburg)

Komm vorbei!
! Mittwochs ist Teilnahme am Training nur nach Anmeldung beim Unisport möglich!

Aktuelle Ergebnisse


1. Bundesliga Süd 2019/20 - Hinrunde:

(*Heim-)Spiele der Hinrunde 1.BLS 2019 Herren:

08.09: FTW - Stuttgart A*: 5:8
13.10: FTW - Tübingen A: 7:5
19.10: FTW - München A: 5:22
26.10: FTW - Erlangen A*: 7:14
17.11: FTW - Freiburg A*: 3:10
23.11: FTW - Karlsruhe A: 3:4

4. Platz 2016
1. Platz 2015
1. Platz 2014


1.Bundesliga Süd 2019/20:

13.10. FTW - Tübingen 9:10
26.10. FTW - München 3:9
09.11 FTW - Karlsruhe 2:20
23.11 FTW - Freiburg 4:9
01.12 FTW - Stuttgart 10:15
1. Platz 2016
2. Platz 2015
2. Platz 2014
1. Platz 2013



Hier findet ihr uns:


Würzburg women’s lacrosse team looking for dedicated coach

The Würzburg women’s lacrosse team is looking for a dedicated coach for next season. We are currently playing in the 1. Bundesliga Süd (one of the highest German lacrosse leagues) and are trying to remain in this league. Due to the pandemic, we lost a few players but those who stayed on are highly motivated (to get kicked in the b***).

General information

  • Würzburg women’s lacrosse team coach
  • Two 2-hour training units per week (Mondays, Wednesdays), friendlies and league matches on weekends
  • Approx. 10 league matches a year (our season is from September to December and from March to May / June)
  • Starting date: immediately / at the start of the new season
  • Payment by agreement and according to expenditure


  • Experience as ball sports coach
  • Motivation to get involved with a new type of sport

Important: It is not necessary to have experience with and knowledge of lacrosse. Lacrosse has many parallels with other kinds of sports, such as handball, basketball, ice or field hockey.

  • Willingness to encourage but also to challenge each player and the team as a whole
  • Ability to work in a team, to be proactive and reliable

This is what we offer

  • A welcoming, motivated and cordial team
  • A small salary (by agreement and in line with your experience)
  • An extensive introduction to lacrosse and the German league system (if necessary)

About the team

Our women’s team is currently part of the 1. Bundesliga Süd (one of the highest German lacrosse leagues). With Würzburg being a university town, our players are very diverse: Our team consists of players aged 19 to 30. Some have been playing lacrosse for many years and some just held a stick in their hands for the first time. This means that there are several levels of athleticism and understanding of the game present. With many students on the team, there is a higher level of fluctuation, but we also always have a couple of rookies each year. We are always welcoming new members with open arms, and even off the field, we are planning and hosting many events to boost team spirit.

The 2020/21 season was cancelled because of the pandemic. At the end of 2021, we were able to play the first half of our regular season which made all of us very happy! In 2022, our main goal is to stay in the 1. Bundesliga Süd and also to achieve the motivation and skills we had pre-pandemic.

Are you curious?

If you are interested in getting to know more about us or, even better, in joining us on this adventure, feel free to drop us an e-mail ( including some information on yourself and your past experience as a sports coach. We are looking forward to hearing from you – and remember, we are not exclusively looking for someone with experience in lacrosse!

For more information on our club, on lacrosse in general and, of course, on our wonderful team, please head to, join us on social media (@wuerzburglacrosse or, or visit the website of the German Lacrosse Association DLaxV (

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