Ihr könnt mit uns bei der Freien Turnerschaft Würzburg e.V. (Mergentheimer Str. 13c) immer montags, ab 19:00 Uhr Lacrosse spielen.

Aktuelle Ergebnisse


1. Bundesliga Süd 2019/20 - Hinrunde:

(*Heim-)Spiele der Hinrunde 1.BLS 2019 Herren:

08.09: FTW - Stuttgart A*: 5:8
13.10: FTW - Tübingen A: 7:5
19.10: FTW - München A: 5:22
26.10: FTW - Erlangen A*: 7:14
17.11: FTW - Freiburg A*: 3:10
23.11: FTW - Karlsruhe A: 3:4

4. Platz 2016
1. Platz 2015
1. Platz 2014


1.Bundesliga Süd 2019/20:

13.10. FTW - Tübingen 9:10
26.10. FTW - München 3:9
09.11 FTW - Karlsruhe 2:20
23.11 FTW - Freiburg 4:9
01.12 FTW - Stuttgart 10:15
1. Platz 2016
2. Platz 2015
2. Platz 2014
1. Platz 2013



Hier findet ihr uns:

Christine Irvine: You’ll be missed

Vor einigen Wochen hatte das Damenteam der FTW einen herben Verlust zu beklagen: Christine Irvine kehrte nach einem Austauschjahr an der Universität Würzburg in die USA zurück. Während ihrer Zeit in Würzburg hatte sie entscheidenden Anteil an der erfolgreichen Saison unserer Mädels, die im ADH-Sieg 2013 gipfelte. Hier erinnert sie sich…

60063_10151777169550731_717262415_nOne of my fondest memories from Würzburg is my experience with the lacrosse team. I practiced and played with the team from October until the end of July; it was a great way for me to practice my German and experience the culture first hand. The team was incredibly friendly and welcoming. I was one of them, just another member of the team, on the field, and right beside them at all of the activities we did outside of practice; going to Hockey games, grilling after practice, going to parties with the guys lacrosse team, etc.

I also had the chance to coach one of our practices which was great preparation for my role as the current coach of the women’s club lacrosse team at Kent. Some of my friends from the team even cooked a typical Bayern breakfast for me, so I could experience a very popular part of Germany’s culture: Weißwurst, Brezel, and Bier. Not the healthiest way to start the day, but an experience nonetheless. Though I was excited to come back home at the end of my stay, the tears I shed when saying bye to my friends was a reminder that the difficulties of living abroad were all worth it.“

I miss you all and wish I could come play with you again. My time on the Würzburg lacrosse team means so much to me. Getting to know all of you was wonderful! 

FTW: We miss you too, Christine! Show ‚em how it’s done Würzburg-style 😉

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